Souvenir shopping in Nepal

Nepal is known for the temples, Himalayas and it unique culture. You can find the uniqueness in the arts and crafts, Mandala painting, scratch items and handmade items.

Here are the list of items that you can buy and take home with you:

  1. Singing bowls: A traditional bowls are handcrafted in Nepal in the Himalayas which produces a smooth musical tune. It gives a peaceful music for people and it is used mostly for relaxation and meditation.
  2. Thangka paintings: A popular hand painting of the Tibetan Buddhist painting mostly used as a means of gaining merit, in death rituals, during meditation, and in Buddhist ceremonies.
  3. Pashminas: One of the finest cashmere blanket and shawls are made from  rare fibers of the Chyangra mountain goats (found in the Himalayas of Nepal).
  4. Nepali tea: Nepali tea are tasty and healthy.
  5. Prayer flags: Rich in Buddhist culture, Prayer flags are considered for peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.
  6. Jewellery: With many ethnicity in Nepal, there are many kinds of jewellery that you can take home
  7. Khukuri knives: Khukuri that represents the bravery and strength is also a memory for you to take home.
  8. Bag Chal (Tiger Moving Game): An ancient game of Nepal is a board game of two players, one controlling 4 tigers and the other one controlling 20 goats.

List of items that you are not allowed to take home:

  1. Drugs (including hashish, marijuana): Say no to Drugs
  2. Psychotropic substances: These Psychotropic substances like Nitrazepam, Diazepam and Clonazepam are not allowed to buy or sell.
  3. Animal parts: It is a crime to buy or sell animals parts.
  4. Heritage items: It is crime to buy and sell items related to heritage like the statues, bells and ornaments.
  5. Hunting animals: We don’t and will never support animal hunting.
"The Pema Treks and Expedition teams’ hospitality, flexibility and ability to make the trek experience seamless made my trip to EBC feel safe and well supportive. Pema and his Sherpa guides have lots of trekking experience and are excellent at navigating the Nepali system of the tea houses and lodges. Thank you Pema and the team."

Kimberly Miller, America

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