Cultural Nepal

Although Nepal is known for its natural beauty, Nepal is tremendously rich culturally too. Housing over 70 ethnic groups, Nepal is a multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic country and has been subsisting with religious tolerance amongst the diversity of people which you can see in the cultural treks.

You will find yourself in a new environment every day. With many cultures and religions, you can experience being among people from different backgrounds. Depending on the culture, the family dynamics and practices are distinct. Learn to cook a traditional delicacy. Dance to the rhythm of ancient beats. Emerge yourself in ancient culture thousand years old.

Recommended Experiences with Purpose

We went for a trek in the Langtang National park with our family, friends on December 2011. Pema Tshiri Sherpa was our Sherpa guide. Pema is one of the best qualified Sherpa in Nepal with a wide range of experiences from climbing Everest to Multi altitude trekking across Nepal. Pema was keen to respond to the needs of the inexperienced trekking likes us and suggested an excellent trekking route.
Thanks to pema we were able to enjoy the panoramic view of the snow capped mountains of Tibet and Nepal as well as trekking through villages to experience village life.
The ten days trek with Pema was beyond any expectation a truly wonderful experience impossible to experience anything equivalent to Japan.

Kosuke Ito &Rakumi; Ito from Japan

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