Base Camps

Nepal has been attracting travelers and trekkers alike with its versatility and diversity. The most sought-after popular treks in Nepal have improved their infrastructure drastically and provide luxury services to its visitors.

Accommodation is not a problem on the route but depending on the time of the year, the lodges can be crowded. There are fine lodges which provide more than just Dal Bhat from anything to Yak cheese pizza and desserts. Shower is not available all the way and only common areas are heated. But an exception to all this is the Namche Bazaar, the Sherpa capital where you can spend the most luxurious day in your vacation to the Himalayas.

For solo trekkers:

Even if you are a solo trekker, you will meet people on the route who are going the same way as you and may even be travel buddies. Familiar faces during dinner after a long day of walking is always comforting. Food is served on a “first come first serve” basis so make sure you order your food as soon as you get a room. What more??

1. Sange and Pemba were excellent in their roles as guide and porter, very responsible accommodating to our needs. Took the care and worry out of our trek to ABC. Would highly recommend them to others for future treks.
2. Trip was great, but Sange and Pemba were amazing. We will be back to trek with them in the Future.

John Plunkett(1) and Russ Patten(2) (USA)

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