Priority to health and safety

First Aid and safety:

Every staff member in our company is trained with mountaineering first aid training and basic first aid training. Your crew will be equipped with a first aid kit of medications based on where you are going. None of your crew will partake in any drinking and smoking while on the trek and will be respectful of your boundary and privacy at all times. Above all, our crew members will be there to take care and help you through everything along the way. So fret not as you are in safe arms.

Taking precautions and being safe goes a long way. We encourage you to ask for help to your guides and porters whenever you feel ill and weird in any way. We can take precautions and prevent or minimize the consequences.


Drinking water from taps is not safe in Nepal. We strongly advise you against drinking tap water anywhere on the trek and in the city while in Nepal. We prevent buying bottled water considering its impact on the environment. What you can do is; use water purification tablets and/ or use boiled water. Hotels and lodges provide hot boiled water in a minimum cost which you can refill in your personal tumbler at any rest stops.

Food in Nepal is fresh and healthy. But a sudden diet change can cause stomach problems at the beginning of your trip. One solution is- taking probiotics for a week or two prior to the trip, or ‘practice’ eating curries and high carb rice- based meals for a while before the trip. Also, eating meat while on the trip is the best to not get sick. Other than that, it’s also advisable to wash hands frequently before handling food and using neck buff to avoid inhaling dust and germs.

A well organized and very helpful guide and group. At all times they were keen to provide up with all of our requests and ensure our trip was successful. Many thanks to the entire team for 2 wonderful trips!

Anne Andrews, New Zealand

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