About Company Philosophy

Pema Treks and expeditions started as a dream for a young boy in the Himalayas. What began as a wish is now a family owned business. This family-owned business has one main goal; to help people explore the beautiful country, Nepal and have fun while doing it.

We value memorable moments over luxury. Travelling to another country can be overwhelming at times but we are here every step of the way. Our vision is to show people that there is more to travel than just ticking off “spots on maps”. Feel at home with us away from home.

We provide all kinds of tourism services but we specialize in operating small group tours. Employing local people and using locally sourced products, we give back to the people. Catering to the individual needs and interests of our travelers while also elevating the standards of the well-being among, and our relationships with the people in places we visit, we make use of our extensive network.

With Pema Treks & expeditions, you will be looking forward to come back again and again!

"The nature of the EBC hike requires a willingness to improvise and adopt as circumstances change. Pema and his team were able to quickly react to any roadblocks to give us a smooth trip to base camp. Definitely recommended to adventurous trekkers."

Jordan Smith, America

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