Saftey protocol for COVID

COVID safety protocols for staffs and clients:

Travelling post pandemic requires a lot of care and also some self-discipline. Therefore, it is important that we take care of ourselves and those around us. Everyone will carry their own sanitizer and will wear masks all the time while on the trail except for eating. Every staff member at our company have been fully vaccinated and will go through a PCR test before leaving for the trek. You as well will need to provide a negative tested PCR report to the government officials before the trek.

Interacting with the locals and learning about their culture is a rewarding part of the trek. But it is vital that we respect their boundaries and space when it comes to taking pictures and visiting their homes. This is so we can make this an enjoyable moment for both the trekkers and the locals.

Trip exceeded my expectations and was a challenge overall yet enjoyable. Pema is the leader, one wants on this trip-no replacement. Cough due to dust, dry air and cold should be communicated upfront. EBC has been too commercial-too many people. Follow Pema’s lead. Limit the number of travellers per day, require each group to have a guide with a minimum no. of porters and charge more for the trip. Protect your environment with a push to leave no garbage behind. Encourage Nepalese people to put garbage in the bin which means the government needs to make garbage and protecting the environment a priority. This is bigger than Pema’s team but needed for Nepal to protect its incredible country. Much respect to you and your team.

Colleen Radigan , Canada, Toronto

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