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Nepal is a country full of wonders and adventure, and one of the best ways to experience it is through a journey to its cities, temples, jungles, and more. Alongside the mighty Himalayas and breathtaking treks, Nepal is also known for its ancient wooden craft temples, rich history, and unique customs.

If you happen to have a short break and are planning to tour Nepal, look no further as we can organize a tour for you. Our services include a variety of options such as day tours in popular cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Chitwan, Pokhara and many more. We also offer exciting activities like hiking at Champadevi or Nagarkot, safaris in Chitwan and rafting on the Trisuli River.

To fully explore all that Nepal has to offer, tours, safaris, and hikes are organized to take visitors through the country’s most fascinating landmarks. From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil jungles of Chitwan, there is no shortage of sights to see and experiences to be had.

For those interested in history and architecture, Nepal’s wooden craft temples are a must-see. These intricately designed structures offer a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage and are a testament to the incredible craftsmanship of the Nepali people. The popular Boudhanath Temple, Paupatinath Temple, Bhatapur Durbar Squares, Lumbini are some examples.

Nature lovers will also find plenty to explore in Nepal’s jungles, which are home to an array of exotic wildlife, including tigers, rhinos, and elephants in the Chitwan National Park. Safaris are a popular way to experience these majestic creatures up close.

If you are the nature lover then Hiking is another way to explore the beauty of Nepal.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, culture, and natural beauty, Nepal is the perfect destination. Book a tour, safari, or hike today and experience all that this incredible country has to offer.

We had really good time and looking forward to seeing you again soon. Many Thanks!

Charlie Bodanham, Nepal

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